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About the Company

The company is engaged in supplying its products of feed, grains, wheat and corn And barley in the Middle East.

The main business strategies adopted by the company in the supply of abroad depends on the following:

  • Study the target market for supply.
  • Conclude agreements and develop internal and external relations with suppliers.
  • Conclude agreements and develop internal and external relations with suppliers.
  • Providing high quality products and having high nutritional value to offer to the customers

Company Overview:

Through the integrated management of our economic, environmental and social performance, the Moroccan Golf Investment.

Farmer apply the latest modern farming techniques and techniques to reach high quality and competitive price to satisfy customer wishes.

As well as building business entities in the agricultural sector and the acquisition of new projects and development
Infrastructure .












Fruits and vegetables

The company's object is directly, either for itself, or in participation, or for a public administration or a service granted in Morocco or abroad:

  • Owning and renting agricultural land in Morocco with the aim of creating agricultural projects on these lands
  • Import and export of agricultural and feed products
  • import and export of agricultural equipment of all kinds
  • Import and export fertilizers and pesticides
  • Work in the manufacturing, packaging, sales and distribution of fodder, fertilizer, pesticides, veterinary drugs and detergents of all kinds and export their products and import what you have need
  • Working in the field of technology and water desalination and packaged and marketed internally and externally
  • Setting up and carrying out animal and poultry projects
  • Establishment and implementation of fishing projects
  • Work and feasibility studies for others in agricultural, livestock, poultry and fish projects
  • Working in the practice of commercial agencies
  • Setting up agricultural exhibitions
  • Make the packaging of water, juice and healthy milk
  • Import and export of firewood and charcoal
  • Import and export of agricultural inputs such as maize, vitamins, manure and other basics decor and - for either livestock or plants
  • Import and export of clover and barley
  • Expansion of palm cultivation after the success of cultivation in Morocco